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Our penetration tests cover the weak points in your systems,
(Web) servers and applications on – before the attackers.

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While as many vulnerabilities as possible are to be uncovered
in penetration testing, few weaknesses are efficiently and purposefully exploited in Red Teaming.

The goal of Red Teaming is to test your defensive abilities, so whether your security team recognizes the actions of a savvy attacker? If so, how fast? Or can savvy attackers invade unnoticed and spread across your network?

Offensive IT is our

Penetration test

Do you know any existing vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers to harm your business?

Red Team Assessment

While as many vulnerabilities as possible are to be uncovered in penetration testing, few weaknesses.

Phising simulation

Professional attackers are increasingly turning their attention to users of target systems.

Open source intelligence

Few companies are even aware of what information is publicly available on the Internet.


Get The Hacker Right
In The House!

We’ll show you your security holes and help to close them!

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“At BreakinLabs, our IT affairs are in the best hands. We have a contact person who advises us comprehensively and competently on all our IT-related processes. We especially appreciate the quick and uncomplicated support when problems arise in our IT. “

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Our Penetration Certifications

Excellence comes from extensive certification in the field of penetration testing and IT security. In order to have
the latest information available for the Penetratioinstests, training courses with us a high priority.

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